Tell It Like It Can Be?

Written by Walter Boomsma, instructor. See his blog.

Scott Leavitt of Oakley Signs & Graphics, Inc. sends out a weekly newsletter to customers that is both helpful and thought-provoking. In today’s issue he quotes Robert Orben, a magician and comedy writer from the early 1900′s. “We have enough people who tell it like it is. Now we could use a few who tell it like it can be.”

He uses this  as a springboard to suggest those of us who work in the real estate market can and perhaps should impact buyer and seller confidence and thereby “help” the market improve.  As one who prides himself in “telling it like it is” I found his suggestions more realistic than the organizations who want me to put on my rose-colored glasses and parade down the street shouting, ”It’s a great time to buy! Things are getting better!”

Since I don’t have a brass band at my disposal, I especially liked his rhetorical question, “So, as a real estate professional, is it your duty to simply report the market conditions, or should you be helping buyers and sellers see how it can be?”

To my way of thinking, “how it can be” must include a healthy dose of realism. I suppose given our current economic state it’s easy to have too much realism and not enough “can be.” But as I think back over the various times I’ve reported statistics and market conditions I think I’ve done so with a fairly consistent observation that the statistics don’t create our future; we ultimately create our future and the statistics.

It is interesting, for example, that the most recent Sales Agent Class I’ve taught has a higher enrollment than the last year or two’s average class size. We can debate whether or not this is an indicator of the market but I do know this: Many of those students are creating their future. They have a plan, have identified a niche and are going to create an opportunity for themselves.

Should I buy? Should I sell? Should I get a license and get into the business? How you determine the answer to those questions may be more important than what the answer is. Leavitt refers us to an article in Forbes Magazine. that offers a positive (but conservative) outlook. Understand it’s fairly technical and reading it may make your eyes glaze over. But it contains some great examples of how one’s view of the world can influence one’s future.

Do you want to buy? sell? get into the real estate business? If the answer is “yes,” you may be thinking about how it could be! Think some more. Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.

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