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Lead-Edu is one of the leading authorities in New England on Lead-Paint Safety, Lead-Poisoning Prevention, Education & Training.  They are certified nationwide to offer the combined EPA/HUD Lead-Safety RRP Training required for all renovators, contractors, painters and landlords working on pre-1978 housing or child occupied facilities.

Lead-Edu also offers weekend and evening RRP certification trainings (see below), making your RRP certification training easier than ever to fit into any schedule.  Click here for training schedule.

EPA/HUD Certified Lead Paint Safety RRP Training
Lead-Edu is a New Hampshire based, EPA/HUD certified training company offering courses nationwide for anyone requiring the RRP (renovate, repair & paint) certification as well as many other construction and building related services including:* Risk Assessment/Lead Inspection
* Dust Wipe Technicians
* Lead Paint Testing
* Containment Design
* Work Scope Development
* Training Non-Certified RRP WorkersDo you need the RRP certification?

If you are working for compensation on a residential or child occupied facility, built before 1978 then YES, you are now required by law to have the RRP certification.  The EPA also requires you to be Firm Certified. You can download your firm certification applications below:

This includes landlords, renovation contractors, window replacement workers, property maintenance workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, siding contractors and anyone else that may be disturbing lead paint in a child occupied facility and/or pre-1978 building.The current fine for working without this certification is $37,500 per violation. Check out this short video to find out more:

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