Sales Agent Candidates–Don’t be confused!

Written by Walter Boomsma, instructor. See his blog.

What test am I supposed to take?

Every so often I get an email or  phone call from a confused student regarding the process for applying to take the required state exam. This usually happens when the student has completed (and passed) the Sales Agent Course, then contacts Pearson Vue (the testing company) to arrange an appointment. Occasionally a Pearson Vue representative will ask the student “which exam?” That’s when the fun begins.

Remember, Pearson Vue is a large national testing company dealing with many different tests in many different states. Try as they might, not every representative fully understands every state’s requirements and information is not always accurate or current. (For example the Pearson Vue website lists a “Real Estate Broker” practice test. Currently, there is no state exam for real estate brokers.)

Sales Agents may be offered the choice of a “Sales Agent Exam” or a “Maine Law Exam.” If you recently completed the Sales Agent Course, you should take the Sales Agent Exam.

The Maine Law Exam is for licensees who are or have been  licensed in another state which is reciprocal with Maine. As such, Maine will only require that candidate to pass an exam covering laws specific to practice in Maine.

There may be some occasional confusion in that the Sales Agent Exam is often described as having two parts — general and “Maine Law.” However, the portion of the Sales Agent Exam covering Maine Law is not the same as the Maine Law Exam. (If you weren’t confused before, you probably are now!)  The only time this becomes a factor is when/if a student fails a portion of the Sales Agent Exam because the student is only required to retake the portion failed.

If a student failed the “law portion” of the Sales Agent Exam, he or she would NOT apply to take the Maine Law Exam. When calling Pearson Vue to schedule a re-test, the student needs to ask the representative to pull up his or her record. This will help ensure the student is scheduled to take the law portion of the Sales Agent Exam.

Please note that if you are confused, it’s understandable and do not hesitate to ask for help. You may email or call me, contact the Arthur Gary School at 856-1712 or the Maine Real Estate Commission at 624-8500. If you think being confused is bad, the one thing that’s worse is taking the wrong exam!

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